Fan Fawr & Pen Y Fan 2019


A new year and a new allocation of SOTA points so started the year with a couple of easy ones in the Brecon Beacons.

GW/SW-005, Fan Fawr – 734m, 6 Points

The forecast for New Year’s day was looking good so we were hoping for a nice clear run up Fan Fawr, but as usual in the Brecons the cloud was sitting on the tops so it wasn’t to be.  At least it was not raining and the wind was low.

The walk to the top was uneventful and even though the car parks were overflowing everyone was heading up Pen-Y-Fan.  We didn’t see another walker until we were at the top and operating the station.

We soon made four contacts which we shared between the two of us and then I went on to work the rest of the pile up.  Once done it was an easy walk back down to the Storey Arms and the car for lunch.

GW/SW-005 Log

GW/SW-001, Pen y Fan – 886m, 8 Points

Pen-Y-Fan summit in the cloud

Pen-Y-Fan was a bit busier than Fan Fawr.  We started by queuing to get through the gate out of the car park!  The long trudge up the tourist path was mostly just dodging around the New Year day trippers, we were into cloud by about 600m so not even a view to enjoy.  The top was predictably busy but we 

The station

managed to find enough space to set up the station.  This time I worked the first four and then left Richard to work the pile up.

Once finished we packed up and returned to the car via the Storey Arms path for a change.  This path has been completely reworked and is now fully pathed all the way to the top of Corn Du which made for an easy decent.

GW/SW-001 Log

Journey Details

Date – 1st January 2019

Postcode – LD3 8NL

Parking – SN 986 200

Radio – Kenwood TH-D74

Antenna – Nagoya NA771 & 2 ele yagi

Band – 144 FM

Contacts – x+y

SOTA points – 14 + 6 bonus

Group – Myself & Richard

Walking Route Summary



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One Reply to “Fan Fawr & Pen Y Fan 2019”

  1. Hi Andrew!

    Walked out from home at Malmesbury to some ‘marginally’ higher ground – nearest 100m contour – with my UV-82 and foldaway 2m/70cm dipole on Jan 1st after remembering you were going to Fan Fawr and Pen y Fan.

    Pretty sure you heard me at Fan Fawr as you mentioned spending only a few more minutes for anyone ” who wanted the points” breofre going on to Pen y Fan.

    You said you heard G8ZVY – close to G8VVY! – and I called you back to correct the callsign but suddenly a ‘woodpecker’ type noise obliterated the frequency and I couldn’t hear anything for 30 secs or more. Next time I tried calling, you must have been on the move again.

    Glad you managed to work John – G6GWR. You were a good 5 and 7 with me – on audio. The Frome station – Brian M6GNQ – was ‘end stop’ with me and tried relaying, but the ‘woodpecker’ had it in for me! 🙂

    Best 73 … Robin – G8VVY.

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